Does A Pool Water Feature Help Reduce Stress?

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In many places, swimming pool water features are becoming increasingly popular. They’re not only a decorative element for a swimming pool but fun too. A water feature provides benefits that highlight water’s intrinsic relaxing and natural properties. So, the question is, does a pool water feature help reduce stress?

There’s more to it than just decorating a swimming pool with water features that produce calming waterfall sounds. It can be a major source of of relaxation in your home. So, how do you relax your mind with the help of a swimming pool water feature? Listening to calming waterfall sounds and watching flowing water gives us a chance to place our overloaded minds into a hypnotic and relaxed state.

It allows the brain to be more creative and calmer and process thoughts in another way. Psychologists and neuroscientists are intrigued and committed to studying the impact of what is known as blue spaces on our well-being and happiness. In other words, how water affects us.

Does A Pool Water Feature Help Reduce Stress?

Benefits Of Water In Sight And Sound

1. Water Induces Meditative States

We can get into a conscious meditative state by listening to the sound of water. We can get into a relaxed and meditative state by altering wave patterns in the brain caused by the sound of the waves in calming waterfall sounds.

We can even calm down our minds by simply observing the movement of water. This has many benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety levels, depression, and the promotion of better sleep patterns and mental clarity.

2. Attracts Creativity And Inspiration

When we’re near a water feature for the pool, our brains get into relaxed mode from active mode. Since the brain isn’t focused on the many thoughts that run through it that often cause anxiety and stress, it can “open up.” The brain is more receptive to creative ideas when it’s relaxed.

3. It Gives A Sense Of Amazement

One of the most essential factors of positive thinking is amazement. Our happiness benefits significantly from the emotion of amazement. It enables us to be present at the moment, feel humility, recognize our place in the world, and encourages our ability to face the unadulterated expanse of nature while at the same time being connected to something larger than ourselves.

4. A Great Source Of Negative Ions

Electrical devices such as hairdryers, computers, and microwaves emit positive ions that suck up our natural energy. Ocean waves, calming waterfall sounds, and thunderstorms generate negative ions. When there are many negative ions in the atmosphere, they help improve concentration, alertness and rejuvenate the mind while enhancing our ability to balance serotonin (the chemical responsible for stress and our mood) and increase our oxygen absorption.

Types Of Water Features

Water features for pools are now constructed with weather-resistant and eco-environmental materials. There are endless possibilities. Here are a few of some favorite water features for pools you can consider. Before deciding on one, ensure you have a theme, concept, or idea you want to implement.


One of the best ways to achieve calming waterfall sounds is by incorporating a waterfall in the pool. Waterfalls add both simplicity and elegance. The water coming from the pool can be used in the waterfall through a recycling process. To give the pool a natural look, you can add some rocks and stones. There are different designs to choose from like:

Moss Rock Waterfall

This design is available in a variety of sizes and is made from natural rock.

Natural Rock Waterfall With Slide

Adds excitement and beauty to your pool by combining a gunite slide with natural moss rock.

Artificial Waterfall With Slide

You can use this design to personalize your backyard since it is an imitation of different styles of natural rock.


It is both a waterfall and an area where adults and kids can rest on a bench behind the waterfall as they listen to the waterfall and watch it.

Ultra-Grotto Waterfall

This swimming pool water feature allows you to have access to a spa right behind the waterfall.

Weeping Walls

This swimming pool water feature is subtle and an excellent way to make the pool more natural and extend the waterfall.

Does A Pool Water Feature Help Reduce Stress?

Other Water Features

You can curate the perfect oasis by using other items:


The only things you need for a wall or a raised ledge are scuppers. They can offer you visual beauty and sound background for your swimming pool water feature. There are various sizes and designs you can choose from according to your preference.

Sheer Descents

This water feature for pool produces a translucent arc of water that projects from a raised wall to your swimming pool which offers dramatic views.

Rain Descents

Rain descents are your best choice for swimming pool water features if your goal is to create a visual effect. This feature gives life to a solid sheet of water that produces the illusion and sound of rain. Most times, it can be structured like a pavilion or a stand-alone feature.

Pencil Jets

This water feature for pool will add that “WOW” factor you’re looking for with its geometric design. Pencil jets appear like streams of water that shoot into the water from the pool deck.

Adding a swimming pool water feature to your pool design adds excitement and beauty to your pool and ensures you can have hours of relaxation.


The process of adding waterfalls relation to your pool can be continuous, and the only limit is your imagination and your personal preference. Therefore, ensure that whatever you choose gives you peace of mind.

Our designers are ready to help you if you’re prepared to create a fantastic oasis in your backyard. Teserra Outdoors provides fascinating water features in different sizes and designs. We also offer various swimming pool add-ons that can help you revamp your oasis and create the pool of your dreams.

Ready to take your imagination and make it a reality?

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