Is it Safe to Swim in a Pool with Algae

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All swimming pools, whether public or private, must be adequately maintained to ensure safety. And one of the most common concerns for pool owners is algae growth. Algae spores find their way into your pool water all the time and the best way to keep them in check is to carefully monitor your pool’s pH. Is it safe to swim in a pool with algae?

Is it Safe to Swim in a Pool with Algae

In this article, we’ll discuss whether it’s safe to swim in a pool with algae. The post will highlight some of the possible health effects of swimming in a pool with algae.

Skin Issues

The most common health effects of swimming pool algae are skin infections. While the common green algae can’t harm you, the bacteria feeding on the algae is harmful. When you expose yourself to algae that harbor bacteria, these infectious agents can cause rashes and breaks in the skin. The breaks can expose you to more severe infections.

A pool maintenance contractor can help you improve water conditions and control algae by use of chemical as well as mechanical means. Whether you have a big or small pool, you can count on a professional to find a suitable means to clean your pool.

Physical Injuries

Algae can be very slippery, causing swimmers to fall resulting in bumps, bruises, cuts and even broken bones. Don’t try to swim in a pool that’s full of algae. Besides causing injuries, an algae infested pool creates a higher risk of drowning for those who are not expert swimmers or those who fall unconscious.

Bacterial Infections

Accidentally ingesting water with bacteria and algae can cause fever, diarrhea and other symptoms associated with having an infection. Warm, stagnant water creates the ideal environment for the bacteria to grow and multiply. Swimming in a pool contaminated with algae can also result in eye infections, along with other bacteria that infected individuals can transmit either directly or indirectly. These microorganisms can quickly multiply in water that has plenty of algae.

If you own a pool, our pool maintenance professionals here at Teserra Outdoors will keep your water clean and safe for people using it.

Low Visibility

Algae has the potential to cloud the clarity of your pool significantly. In drowning accidents, for example, immediate notice and rescue can go a long way in improving the chances of saving a victim. However, when a pool is discolored because of algae, it can be difficult to tell if someone is struggling to swim underwater or fell unconscious. Avoid swimming in a cloudy pool to prevent accidents or drowning.

Bottom Line

Is it safe to swim in a pool with algae? Based on the factors mentioned above, swimming in a pool with algae can be dangerous. Be sure to check your pool chemical levels often and hire a professional pool maintenance company for professional services. A pool can grow algae if it is not properly vacuumed and maintained. A pool contractor can also recommend the ideal algaecides to minimize the growth of algae.

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