In California, swimming pools become a top go-to place during summer especially when spending quality time with your family and friends. Homeowners then become particular on how their grass around pool will look. This is when you ask yourself, “should I add turf around my pool?” or “does chlorine kill grass?”

Maintenance and Foot Traffic

Aside from maintaining the pool especially during winter, natural grass around pool also takes a lot of effort to maintain. Aside from the typical weeding and mowing that you know, watering and fertilizing among other things are involved. Too much time needs to be spent on maintenance just to achieve the perfect look you want to achieve.

Can you put artificial grass around a pool? Definitely. With synthetic turf, you can still achieve the look of a natural lawn minus all the tasks required for maintenance. The occasional weed can be pulled out, and you can spray on the turf to avoid debris and dust from accumulating in the artificial grass around pool.

Can You Put Artificial Grass Around A Pool

Can You Put Artificial Grass Around A Pool

Natural grass that keeps being stepped on can make noticeable marks. This ruins all the hard work you do. Pool surrounded by grass that is artificial is better, as the grass is designed to accommodate heavier foot traffic. You can also guarantee that no bald spots on the ground are left.

Chemicals and Heat

Natural grass takes a lot of maintenance, and this calls for herbicides to keep pests away. Chemicals affect both grass and pool. You may not be aware but chemical traces can be carried to the pool, especially when you run barefooted from the grass before jumping into the pool. Does chlorine kill grass? Chlorine and saltwater can easily cause damage to natural grass, so make sure to use chlorine with caution to prevent the growth of harmful algae in the pool.

Can you put artificial grass around a pool during the hot season? You can, but be advised that synthetic grass gets warm easily. Use a towel as you lay down or simply spray water on the grass around pool to quickly make the temperature cool. In the same way, artificial grass easily cools when it is no longer exposed directly to sunlight.

Drainage and Water Conservation

Children playing in pools usually splash water, and too much water for natural grass is bad. For synthetic grass, the permeable backing ensures proper drainage so puddles can be avoided. This is why synthetic grass is more slip-proof than natural grass. “Should I add turf around my pool?” Yes! Safety is a priority when it comes to your family and guests, and knowing that artificial grass can hold a lot of water can leave you at ease, particularly when draining your pool.

Should I Add Turf Around My Pool

Should I Add Turf Around My Pool

Your fiberglass swimming pool already uses a lot of water so an eco-friendly approach to designing the pool area is by considering landscape options that require minimal use of water. Artificial grass around pool can be of huge help in this aspect as it no longer needs to be watered. You may also use bricks, wood, and paving stones alongside artificial grass to add dimension to both grass and pool.

Now that you have the answers to your question, “Should I add turf around my pool?”, it’s time for you to decide what the best type of turf you’ll choose as you consider your pool surrounded by grass. Add-ons such as a fountain or fire pit complete your outdoor space and can transform it into a beautiful dreamscape.