What is a Geometric Pool?

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When it comes to designing a pool for your home, the wide variety of several pool shapes available make it a difficult decision. From colors and materials to pool sizes and shapes, there are many features to decide. So, first things first: let’s review the main differences between geometric pool designs and freeform pool designs. Keep in mind that your pool design reflects your personality, which makes it the first element to determine before building your pool.

Geometric Pools

Geometric pool designs include those with a specific shape, such as a square, an oval, or a rectangle. Therefore, a geometric pool design is excellent to get a formal or contemporary feel. If you’re looking for a formal, yet more modern look, you could try the shape of a triangle to provide this effect.

Commonly, as this type of swimming pools offer several benefits, both casual and competitive swimmers choose them for their homes:

– More suited for activities like swimming laps

– More cost-effective

– Easier to build

– Add symmetry

– Compliment home’s architecture

– Great to incorporate a vanishing edge

Geometric Pool Design

Freeform Pool

While a geometric pool has angles and is easier to build, a freeform pool offers custom qualities and can take any curvilinear form. This design is fantastic for small, environmentally friendly spaces with natural-style landscaping. However, due to the complexity of their shapes, the costs are usually higher than in geometric pools.

As this pool type allows you to design the pool for a dream vacation in your backyard, it’s the choice of many casual swimmers and families. Moreover, they offer the following advantages:

– A wide variety of customization options

– Provides a modern feel

– Naturalistic appearance

– Excellent for small spaces

– Makes a yard seem larger

– Well-suited for blocked off tanning areas

Building a Pool? Consult a Professional

When it comes to building a pool, you will need to go through the design process first. This will include meeting with your pool builder, going over best shapes for your needs, space available, etc. While at first it will seem like a daunting task, finding a highly qualified pool builder will only make the pool building process much simpler.

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