Why Is My Pool Still Green After Adding Chlorine?

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Is your pool still green after shock? A common DIY issue. Normally a pool cleaning service or the next step of DIY will tackle these next three things to take your pool back to its crystal clear shape: the filtration system, the correct chemicals, and patience. We recommend a professional to clean the pool or teach the techniques, especially when dealing with pool chemicals. Here are some guidelines for taking your pool from green to refreshing clear.

First Step: Prepare Pool Water For Shocking And Testing

Why is my pool still green after adding chlorine, and is it safe to swim in a pool with algae? Not necessarily. Issues such as bacterial infections and skin issues can occur if you swim in water with algae.

Algae will remain in your pool after shock if you’ve had insufficient chlorine and an overabundance of metal elements in the pool water. Therefore, to start the cleaning process. Remove all the debris from the pool with a leaf net and then let the smaller dirt fragments settle.

Second Step: Do The Water Test

If your pool is green, but chlorine is high, don’t be too concerned. The most important test to take if your pool’s still green after shocking is the pH level. Buy a kit or a test strip and test the pH because it will indicate whether you need to add other chemicals.

A high pH means your water is alkaline and cloudy, especially after the shock. In this case, add hydrochloric acid to the water to neutralize the basic water elements. Ideally, the pH levels should be low. Even with salt water pools, testing its chemical balance is just as important.

Third Step: Shock The Pool

Why is my pool still green, you are wondering? Well, it’s a chemical imbalance. So first, ensure the pool has a pH of 7, then shock the pool with chemicals. Take your liquid chlorine and disburse it around the pool evenly, and then turn on the filter.

Let the entire liquid chlorine circulate in the pool for several hours before you brush the pool. Be thorough when brushing. You can also use a suitable quality algaecide to clean the pool. Always consult with a professional before handling and adding any amount of chemicals.

Fourth Step: Pump And Filter

Why is my pool still green after adding chlorine? Check your filter for clogs from the haze-jade green water. So depending on your filter, run it for a few days like you would do on ordinary occasions. If you want quick results, backwash your filter four times. Make this frequent to prevent your filter from clogging.

Filter Types

If your pool’s still green after shock and algaecide, then be precise with your filter type. If you are using a sand filter, the process outlined above will suffice if you check and backwash your filter every day, especially if the pool’s average chemical balance is at least five units above the normal level when the water is clear.

On the other hand, check the cartridge filter before cleaning to ensure it is in good condition. However, with this type of filter, you need to clean your pool more times than other filters. Also, run the filter two times every day until your pool water is clear.

Seeing the Transformation

You should start seeing a transformation after 24 hours. If you have green pool water after shock, it is imperative to think about your water and pool safety. Hence, don’t use the pool after 24 hours. First, do another pH test to get clearance and then backwash your filter a final time, and you are good to go.

Pool Maintenance

Even though we don’t build fiberglass pools, this is a popular question. If you want your pool to have a fiberglass pool’s life expectancy, you should start doing more than merely vacuuming your pool. Wondering why is my pool still green after adding chlorine is a good start, but you still require proper yearly maintenance. It is highly recommended leaving the cleaning to a professional, especially when dealing with pool chemicals.

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